Faculty Travel Funds

We are pleased to offer UW Faculty the opportunity to apply for travel funding to Denmark in support of the Scan Design Foundation’s mission to foster Danish-American relations. Applications are due on April 15 for the coming year, and sometimes on a rolling basis during the year. We look forward to receiving requests to fund travel and exploration in Denmark.

What funding is available?

Up to $4000 reimbursement for travel expenses to Denmark for flight, hotel, and other travel reimbursables.

What is the funding to be used for?

To establish and support relationships with Danish faculty / institutions and the UW, to advance the roster of opportunities available for student fellows on exchange in Denmark, and to develop/craft new, innovative, and collaborative cross-cultural programming between the US and Denmark. Faculty are encouraged to partner this travel with other travel to conferences, etc. Funding may also be used to bring faculty from Denmark to UW.

Applications Process:

Applications will be accepted on April 15th of each year for the following 12 months.  Submit the following items in a Letter of Proposal to sdfellows@uw.edu with the title “Scan Design Faculty Travel Application”.
– Purpose of trip (one page maximum).
– Draft Itinerary with names of Danish Institution and Faculty members that you plan to visit.
– Itemized budget of anticipated expenses — include matching funds if available.
– Abbreviated CV