Learn Danish

We strongly encourage all Fellows and Summer Scholarship applicants and recipients to enrich your study abroad experience by engaging in Danish Language Studies prior to and during your travels.

Explore Danish at UW

Consider signing up for a quarter long Danish language class taught by the Department of Scandinavian Studies.

To learn more about upcoming courses visit:

Explore Danish in Denmark – Scholarships Available to Fellows

The Scan Design Foundation Fellowship Program will provide up to $1000 in supplemental funding to Fall/Spring or Academic Year Fellows participating in pre-semester language programs. These funds support students early pre-semester arrival in Denmark. Funding is also available on a case-by-case basis for private language courses that require extra fees above and beyond your University tuition. We do not provide language funding if you are taking a Danish language course as a part of your standard set of semester courses.

Exchange Universities offering Pre-Semester Language Programs
Private Language Programs in Denmark (not university affiliated)